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Soul Searching #16

Nothing last forever especially time.  This may be cliche to say, but we must deeply understand and remember that are time here on Earth is very precious. Not one second is promised to us. All these days that have went by are gone, never to be seen again. We need to realize our lives are … More Soul Searching #16

Soul Lessons #1

Be aware of the world that is around you. Be aware of your soul that is speaking to you every single second of every single day. Try to quite your mind, and the world. Try to hear your soul speak. You are meant for so much more! No matter where you are in life whether … More Soul Lessons #1

This Summer! 

This summer I am bringing a lot of new things to “When Stars Misguide Us” community! I will tell you what is going on! I’m extremely excited that this summer I will be announcing my brand new music artist name! Also I will for the first time ever put my original music on Spotify. Also … More This Summer! 

My Music Mondays

My music Monday is when I discuss my original music that I created. All my music is up on YouTube, and soon I will put them on Spotify. This week I would like to announce that this summer I will release new music, along with a brand new Spotify page!!! I’m very excited, and working … More My Music Mondays

The Year 2020 Music Will Be Personal and Authentic Again

  In my opinion since around the year 2009ish I feel that mainstream music, and music overall started to change in a negative way. The quality of music started to be awful. I think there are a few reasons why music started to go downhill. One of the reasons was YouTube started to make stars … More The Year 2020 Music Will Be Personal and Authentic Again

Soul Searching #15

Why do we remember certain dreams?  When we are asleep studies have told us tht we have numerous amount of different dreams before we awake. This morning I awoke and had a very strange dream. It was about me checking into a hotel that was full of monsters, and disturbing creatures. This hotel was created … More Soul Searching #15